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Digital Electronics MCQ Questions With Answers

Q1. What is ripple carry adder?

  • the carry output of the lower order stage is connected to the carry input of the next higher order stage
  • the carry input of the lower order stage is connected to the carry output of the next higher order stage
  • the carry output of the higher order stage is connected to the carry input of the next lower order stage
  • the carry input of the higher order stage is connected to the carry output of the lower order stage

Q2. What is the maximum possible range of bit-count specifically in n-bit binary counter consisting of ‘n’ number of flip-flops?

  • 0 to 2n
  • 0 to 2n + 1
  • 0 to 2n – 1 d) 0 to 2n+1/2
  • none of the above

Q3. What is the difference between a shift-right register and a shift-left register?

  • there is no difference
  • the direction of the shift
  • propagation delay
  • the clock input

Q4. What is the preset condition for a ring shift counter?

  • all ffs set to 1
  • all ffs cleared to 0
  • a single 0, the rest 1
  • a single 1, the rest 0

Q5. How many 16K * 4 RAMs are required to achieve a memory with a capacity of 64K and a word length of 8 bits?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 6
  • 8

Q6. What must be done to interface TTL to CMOS?

  • a dropping resistor must be used on the cmos of 12 v supply to reduce it to 5 v for the ttl
  • as long as the cmos supply voltage is 5 v they can be interfaced (however, the fan- out of the ttl is limited to five cmos gates)
  • a 5 v zener diode must be placed across the inputs of the ttl gates in order to protect them from the higher output voltages of the cmos gates
  • a pull-up resistor must be used between the ttl output-cmos input node and vcc; the value of rp will depend on the number of cmos gates connected to the node

Q7. What causes low-power Schottky TTL to use less power than the 74XX series TTL?

  • the schottky-clamped transistor
  • a larger value resistor
  • the schottky-clamped mosfet
  • a small value resistor

Q8. What are the major differences between the 5400 and 7400 series of ICs?

  • the 5400 series are military grade and require tighter supply voltages and temperatures
  • the 5400 series are military grade and allow for a wider range of supply voltages and temperatures
  • the 7400 series are an improvement over the original 5400s
  • the 7400 series was originally developed by texas instruments and the 5400 series was brought out by national semiconductors after ti’s patents expired as a second supply source

Q9. How many select lines would be required for an 8-line-to-1-line multiplexer?

  • 2
  • 4
  • 8
  • 3

Q10. A 4-bit R/2R ladder digital-to-analog converter uses ________.

  • one resistor value
  • two resistor values
  • three resistor values
  • four resistor values

Q11. In which of the following base systems is 123 not a valid number?

  • Base 10
  • Base 16
  • Base 8
  • Base 3

Q12. The number of Boolean functions that can be generated by n variables is equal to

  • 2n
  • 22n
  • 2n-1
  • 2n

Q13. The only function of NOT gate is to ___________.

  • Stop signal
  • Invert input signal
  • Act as a universal gate
  • None of the above

Q14. In Boolean algebra, the bar sign (-) indicates ___________.

  • OR operation
  • AND operation
  • NOT operation
  • None of the above

Q15. The inputs of a NAND gate are connected together. The resulting circuit is ___________.

  • OR gate
  • AND gate
  • NOT gate
  • None of the above

Q16. Which is a typical application of digital signal processing?

  • noise elimination
  • music signal processing
  • image processing
  • all of the above

Q17. A NAND gate is called a universal logic element because

  • It is used by everybody
  • Any logic function can be realized by NAND gates alone
  • All the minization techniques are applicable for optimum NAND gate realization
  • Many digital computers use NAND gates.

Q18. Among the logic families, the family which can be used at very high frequency greater than 100 MHz in a 4 bit synchronous counter is

  • CMOS
  • ECL

Q19. In the boolean algebra, a variable has ________ different state(s)/value(s).

  • 3
  • 1
  • 2
  • 4

Q20. Which type of CPLD packaging can provide maximum number of pins on the package due to small size of the pins?

  • PLCC
  • QFP
  • PGA
  • BGA

Q21. An AND gate will function as OR if

  • All the inputs to the gates are “1”
  • All the inputs are ‘0’
  • Either of the inputs is “1”
  • All the inputs and outputs are complemente'

Q22. Most of the digital computers do not have floating point hardware because

  • Floating point hardware is costly
  • It is slower than software
  • It is not possible to perform floating point addition by hardware
  • Of no specific reason

Q23. Which is the example of digital device from the given option ?

  • Record players
  • Microprocessors
  • Sensors
  • Thermistors

Q24. Which of the following is Universal Gate?

  • OR gate
  • NAND gate
  • AND gate
  • NOR gate

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